About Us

Minute Man Services has been in the record-copying business since 1980 serving both the legal and medical communities. We have been assisting attorneys, both defense and plaintiff in their pursuit of records for ongoing cases. Records are subpoenaed, with proper notices - received, copied, numbered and bound. We also copy and ship files for attorneys to their experts, saving their office and staff valuable time.

Minute Man has been in the record and x-ray scanning business since 2001 and can provide requested records and X-Rays in digital format.

Minute Man currently has ongoing contracts with several offices to regularly scan their files and radiology films. Documents are scanned and saved as a PDF file, thus eliminating the need for any new hardware or software. The records are available from any PC and files can be located by any number of variables, i.e. plaintiff name, case number, file number, etc. X-rays are scanned with self starting software embedded in the CD for viewing and/or enhancing the image. Files and radiographs can be viewed, printed, e-mailed or faxed but never changed, thus satisfying both the courts and insurance agencies for permanent storage.